Providing Private Money Loans on Commercial Investments

KickStart Funding Commercial Division is here to serve you. We're dedicated to providing the best rates and terms for your commercial project (5+ units) starting at $300k. Our process requires only a few key forms. We know that time is money and we'll run as fast as you and your project can.

A commercial private money loan is a good alternative to traditional bank financing. This alternative financing can be beneficial to the borrower in many different ways. Below are a few benefits of how and when a commercial private money loan could be the right strategy.

When Should You Use aKickStart Funding Commercial Loan?

  • You need a loan quickly
  • You need a bridge loan, mezzanine financing, or a construction loan
  • You need assistance with a foreclosure bailout
  • You do not qualify for traditional financing
  • You have strong equity in your property and need cash
  • You need a complex loan with multiple pieces of collateral